Friday, March 21, 2008


So, we're sitting here debating on whether or not we can figure out a way to stay here through the week and just fly home to shoot weddings on Saturdays. Not sure if it will be possible, but we're definitely trying to work it out! :-) We'll update soon.
C & L

"our view right now"

Friday, March 14, 2008

So, what's new...

Alright, I promised last week that I'd take time out to catch everybody up on what's going on in our lives. Well, it's taken me a week, but I've finally got a few free minutes.
As for exciting stuff that's been going on lately... first, we've volunteered to photograph for the Greenville Children's Hospital summer camp programs. We are arranging it so that we go to each of their summer camps and do a "fashion photo shoot" with each of the teens/children. We have also enlisted the help of Holli Lowe ( to provide a fashion make-over for each teen before the shoot. We are so excited about this! If any of you want to volunteer with us (help post, take names, etc.), please let us know!
This past week, we've been taking care of our sick dog, Jensen. :-( She is our beautiful 13 year old chocolate lab! We took her in for her check-up last Saturday morning and they found a mild case of heart worms. So, we've had to arrange for her treatment and the vet forgot to tell us when we took her in, that once her initial treatment was finished we had to keep her inside for 6 weeks! She is normally an outside dog. We bring her in when were at home and on very cold nights, but she definitely prefers to be outside. She loves to roam around our yard and chase squirrels! Oh well, nothing we can do about it... the important thing is that she's getting better. Our cat Sullivan has been missing Jensen too. He and Jensen are best friends and while Jensen was gone for treatment, Sullivan has been sad, meowing at our door to the porch where Jensen always lies.
So, as I said before, we will be out of the country next week. We fly out Monday morning for sunny Jamaica!! Next Tuesday is our 2 year anniversary, so we wanted to get away together. We plan to spend all of our time on the beach, relaxing with a good book and a cold drink. We will definitely take our cameras along and share some photos with you when we get back. If you need us while we're gone, we will be checking email sparingly, so please understand if we don't get back to you right away.
Hope all of you have a great week next week and we'll post when we return!



Jodi and Doug

Just wanted to give everyone a quick preview of an engagement we shot last week of Jodi and Doug. We photographed them at the Wyche Pavilion and at Cleveland Park. Afterwards, we decided that we want to start taking more couples to Cleveland Park... it has some really neat areas.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A few photos...

Hi everybody! I wanted to quickly upload some of our favorite shots from a recent engagement shoot with Ashley and Kevin. Today is very busy, but tomorrow should slow down for me and I'll catch all of you up with what's been going on in our life.