Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let it snow...

Isn't snow beautiful! There's just something magical about it. Lindsey grew up in Hawaii and I grew up in the south, so snow is always a treat for us both. Could do without the chilly weather that comes with it though! Hope many of you were able to stay at home today and enjoy what's left of the first snow of the year. We decided to brave the weather and come in to the office because we've got exciting stuff to work on... Last night, we got to have dinner with Bobby and Sarah Rettew of Rettew Wedding Videography ( and we came up with a great idea! We always have brides asking us, "do you also do video?" and our response is always, "no, photography and videography are different art forms and we work hard at being the best photographers... trying to do videography would only take away from that." It'd be like asking your florist to also bake your cake! But we definitely do see the benefit of having a videographer and photographer that work well together. Because you don't want to see your videographer in all of your photos are your photographer in your whole video, so it's beneficial if they know how the other works in order to avoid this. So what we decided to do is to find the best videographer in the area and see if they'd like to offer a joint package. That's how we found Bobby and Sarah. Or maybe I should say 6 (or maybe it's 7) time Emmy award winning Bobby and Sarah! I could go on and on about their resume, but needless to say, they do amazing work! And we are lucky enough to have them be willing to team up with us!! We are still working out the details of our joint package, but here's what we're thinking... You'll get us both for two hours prior until you leave your reception. You'll also still get the wedding slideshow and engagement session from us. Bobby and Sarah will create their photomontage for your rehearsal dinner. Then your final wedding video and photos will be packaged together in a beautiful case. Not only that, but we're going to give 3 of these packages so that you and each set of parents can all have one. All of this will be offered to you at a discounted price from our normal package pricing. What a deal, and we are really excited about it. If you've already booked us and want to change your package to this new one, just give us a call and we'll work out the details. Ok, I'll leave you with a couple of shots I took last night. We were driving home from dinner and came through Clemson. Tons of students were out playing in the snow on Bowman field so, I had to stop and snap a few shots. The snow was really coming down at that point, so I only shot a few quick ones but here they are. -Craig

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