Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cliffs of Glassy Wedding

That's about all the French I can recall from my 2 years in high school....well, that and to ask if I can go to the restroom. For those of you wondering where I am going with this...Wari is from France, one of my favorite international destinations (I could live off bread, wine, and cheese!). The reason I point out Wari is from France, is to tell you my favorite story of the two of them. When they first started dating, Wari was a very affectionate person and Jackie was very anti-public displays of affection. Wari would lean in and plant a big one on Jackie, and she would politely remind him, "I really don't like PDA." He would reply "ok," and and then lean in for another kiss! He, being from France, did not know what PDA meant. But I really think Jackie and Wari are truly meant for each other. You can see a transformation in Jackie, that she no longer minds the PDA (too much) and when they are together, she just glows! Below are some of our favorites from the day, enjoy!


Love this one...hugging Mom with Dad in the background!

Love this one...

This is my favorite of Jackie from the day!

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