Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First dances...

Lately, more and more of our clients have been doing a more choreographed first dance and as a result, we thought we'd share a great local resource. Over Christmas, we were invited to Asheville for a party with a bunch of photographers. While we were there, we met Kathleen Hahn, the owner of I Do Dances. She was a lot of fun and offered a bit of a different take on traditional dance lessons. Instead of you having to drag your hubby-to-be to a weekly dance class (like any of you really have extra time for a dance class when you're planning your wedding), Kathleen meets with you to get to know you. Then she choreographs your first dance to match you personalities...fun and flirty, or dramatic and passionate. Then she meets with you to teach you the dance she created especially for you. After that, she sends you home with a DVD of the steps and you get to practice and learn in the privacy of your home. We thought is was a great idea for those of you that can't take the time for weekly dance lessons or you can't quite convince that man of yours to go to a dancing class. Definitely check her out and make your first dance one to remember!

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