Thursday, May 7, 2009

Greenville Poinsett Club Wedding

Hi everyone. I wanted to say thank you for the out pouring of kind words and support you have given us during this tough time. Craig and I are getting settled back into the swing of things, and although we miss his mom terribly, we are trying to stay positive and celebrate her life...we know that is what she would have wanted.

As expected, we are a bit behind with blogging but we wanted to share with you the wedding of Brende and Mike we shot two weeks ago. Brende and Mike were married at the Greek Orthodox Church in Greenville on April 25th. The ceremony was beautiful, as always the Greek Orthodox Church is an amazing backdrop for a ceremony with beautiful flowers provided by Greg Foster. The reception was held at the Poinsett Club, and as you would imagine with a Greek wedding, they danced the night away! Two bands provided the entertainment, Tony Williams & the Blues Express as well as Nick Demos & The Greek Islanders for the traditional Greek music.

Congratulations Brende and Mike, we are so happy for you both!

The veil is always my favorite detail!

Love the Greek tradition of hugging the parents! Lindsey's view...

Craig's view...

Lindsey's view...

Craig's view...

Cake provided by Patty Cakes...

love the Greek dances!!!


  1. The pics with the arches are so beautiful! I love veils too. :-)

  2. Craig and Lindsey, these pictures are amazing! --Faris