Friday, May 29, 2009

So proud of my little brother!

We'll this was a very bitter sweet day for my family. On May 22nd, my brother, Taylor, graduated from the Naval Academy. It was a beautiful sunny day in Annapolis, and the energy in the small town was palpable. The senior class of midshipmen (for those of you who don't know, midshipmen is what they call Naval Academy students) could not have been more excited to be completing their program and entering into their new found freedom (as free as you can be in the least they don't have 6:30am formations!).

That is the happy exciting part...but the part that made it a little difficult for my family was that we had a member missing, our dad. My dad was career Navy, retired Command Master Chief of Barber's Point, Pearl Harbor. He passed away during my brother's first year at the academy. It was almost embarrassing how proud he was of Taylor. In the first 5 minutes of any conversation with my father, he would find a way to work in..."and by the way my son is at the Naval Academy." We were all thinking of him and wishing he could be there, but despite that, we had a great time with all of our extended family and friends. Below are some photos we took from his graduation...enjoy (and yes, that is President Obama shaking all of the midshipmen's hands!!!)

the Blue amazing!

My brother shaking the President's hand!

the view from the jumbotron...

My mom and uncle pinning his officer boards...

Craig and I with Taylor...

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