Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What inspiration...

Last night we got the chance to go to Asheville and hang our with a bunch of great photographers at Regina Holder's studio for the Asheville Pictage User Group meeting. When we first got the call and were asked to speak to the group, we were totally honored and humbled. I mean these are our peers, whom we respect so much, and they wanted to hear about our approach to wedding photography! What a compliment that was! Well, as usual we probably talked way too much, but hopefully we were able to to provide some type of insight and/or inspiration to these amazing photographers.
It made me stop today and take a look at all of the different photographers websites from our area. I don't do this often because I really try to find my inspiration elsewhere and don't want to get influenced too much by what other people in our area are doing. I have to tell you that as I looked through so many different websites today, I feel for each of you brides! There are some great photographers in this area! I am honored to be associated with so many of them. It inspires me to reach even deeper and work even harder. I can't wait for our next shoot! So excited to keep growing each and every day!


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  1. We were so honored to have you come share your insights with everyone! In a competitive and extremely talented market, working together and supporting each other is so much better than working against each other. Plus, any chance I have to hang out with you guys is AWESOME! HUGS!