Monday, April 26, 2010

Greenville SC Wedding - the first call you make...

I get all warm and giddy when newly engaged brides call. It makes me get excited for them and re-confirms why we do what we do. We document the forming of a family with images that (hopefully) create tears of joy and goosebumps of amazement. I love when we are the first phone call, before a planner is hired, before a date is set, before a location is chosen, we get a call from a bride who says, "I'm not sure of anything else, but I know I have to have you guys there." We get emails the day after a proposal of girls so giddy it takes me back to the early stages of mine and Craig's relationship and all those months of planning for a day that I could not wait to get here but that I never wanted to end. A day that I wish I could relieve over and over---and can through my wedding images! It is these thoughts that re-energize me for the hours of editing in front of a computer or long late hours at a reception. To be a part of such a special day, to be so close to the most intimate moments two people can experience, the creation of a new family. It is in these moments we realize we are privileged to do what we do.

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  1. My heart smiled to read that! I know the feeling well. Thanks for sharing!