Friday, September 19, 2008

Here come the photos...

I'm sorry we have kept you all waiting so long. But I am excited to finally be caught up with our work and to begin blogging again. This shoot actually took place several months ago, but we have been holding off posting Lindsey's bridal until after her wedding (which was on August 2nd). Now, as all of you can see... Lindsey is gorgeous, but she doesn't enjoy being in front of the camera. She is like so many of our clients and that is why we always try to put everyone at ease. Craig and I can sympathize, we don't particularly love being on the other side of the camera either! All of our clients are nervous the first time, but within just a few short minutes, they are always having fun and it makes for beautiful photos! With all that said... Lindsey, I hope the session wasn't too painful ;). Craig and I thought the photos turned out great!

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