Tuesday, September 30, 2008

wow, wow, WOW....

With a name like Adelle Valentine (now Graham), how could you expect anything less than a hot fiery redhead!!! That's exactly what we got when we met up with Adelle and her husband Travis at Lake Greenwood yesterday. We first met them at a wedding we shot this past July and they told us how when they got married two years ago, their photographer didn't get any good photos of just the two of them. We hear this so often and that's why it's always one of our priorities to get great shots of each of our couples. Anyways, they asked if we'd be willing to do a photo shoot of the two of them and we said definitely. I mean take one look at them and you know the camera is going to love them!!! So this past weekend, we made a whirlwind tour of the state. We started in Columbia on Saturday for Tracy and Ty's wedding (see their slide show below) and then headed to Charleston for a great shoot with Susan and Jacob on Sunday (we'll put up some of their shots shortly). On our way back from Charleston yesterday, we met up with Adelle and Travis for an awesome shoot! They wanted something "edgy" and I think we got it!
Also, to put in a plug for them, Adelle is a great hairstylist at Identity (Lindsey has started going to her and loves her!)... you can visit her website at www.hairbyadelle.com. They also own Suburban Blood Trail which is a great haunted trail that benefits a great cause. So if you want some great fun this Halloween, be sure to go!!!

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