Friday, September 26, 2008

Charlotte NC Engagement Photography Session

We went to Charlotte to shoot Stacey and David's engagement session about a month ago. We had a great time with them...I just love it when a couple is lovey and not afraid to show it in front of the camera.

The Hurst Tower was special to Stacey and David, it is where they first met...

We had been shooting around outside for a bit when it began to rain. So we ducked inside a hotel, which made for some great shots too!

David, the sweet talker that he is, even convinced the front desk to give him a key to the penthouse!

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  1. It amazes me that the Hearst Tower would hold so many special memories for them since David was married and living with his wife at that time. Since he ran around on wife #1 I hope wife #2 can take the heart break when it happens to her too! Watch out Stacie! It will happen......