Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New logo take 2...

If you've been following our blog, you saw a couple of weeks ago that we introduced a new logo. After looking at it for 2 weeks, Lindsey and I both agreed that we hated it! So here is the introduction of logo #2 (see our blog banner at the top)!!! We actually like this design so much better and think this is the one we're going to stick with. We're not gonna rush out to the printer for new business cards just yet, but we think this is the one. Stay tuned because we may change our mind again. Also, if you want to offer any advice or opinions, we're always open to them!

I've been meaning to blog all week and I just haven't found the time. I've been busy working on album designs for several of our couples and that is taking up all of my time. I am really excited about albums right now, though. I've been researching different binding methods and I am very close to convincing Lindsey that we need to make our own. I know, you 're thinking "make your own albums.. come on!!" But really, I think I can do it. The albums that we currently offer our clients are handmade, so why should it not be my hands doing the making. If I can perfect the binding technique (there are so many different ways to do it), then that will open up so many more options for our couples. I mean, we could use the material from your wedding dress as the cover for your album1 It's crazy to think about all of the different possibilities of things we could come up with. Trust me when I say that I will perfect it before we offer it to any of our clients, though. Your album is your first family heirloom and it needs to last a lifetime and beyond. That's why we are very picky about the albums we currently offer and if we build our own, I would expect them to be better than anything we can buy or I wouldn't offer it to our clients. I'll keep you posted on how my progress is coming and I'll definitely post some photos after I build my first one. For all I know, that post may be a warning to never try and build your own album!!

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