Sunday, January 4, 2009

New year, new dreams, new hopes...

Happy New year everyone!! So, we have gotten an ear full from several of you about how slack we have been in updating and posting to our blog. This will all change starting NOW! :-) Seriously, we have set New Year goals (not resolutions because none of us really ever keep those anyways... Do we??) and at the top of that list is to keep our blog up to date. We were so blessed this past year with so many wonderful couples choosing us to be a part of their lives. We loved every minute of it, but it did mean that we had very little time to blog or do anything else for that matter!! We have actually caught up with basically everything (other than finishing up a few albums) and we are now ready to roll out what's new for 2009. We are updating our website, incorporating some new shooting styles, and revamping our customer service plan. We're starting today with a new logo (check out the top of the blog and our homepage for different versions of it). Please let us know what you think about it. Lindsey and I rarely agree on favorite photos, logos, wine, etc., but this was our best compromise!
Another thing that we're excited about for 2009 is that Lindsey put in her notice at Clemson. She will officially be full time with Sposa Bella beginning March 6th. This has been in the works for a while and we are both excited about what she has planned once she can devote all of her energy to Sposa Bella. We have so many new ideas and we'll finally get to implement them all!!
Also, we've spent today editing some of our favorite photos from 2008. Be sure to check out our galleries for those. They'll all be uploaded by tomorrow evening.
Last thing and then we're off to dinner with some friends. I want to say thanks to each of you out there... our past clients, fellow photographers, family, and friends. It is each of you who help shape us, inspire us, and always remind us of what's important in life. Take time today to tell those closest to you that you love them. We look forward to growing and experiencing with each of you in '09. The New Year is always so exciting!! All our best!


  1. L&C,
    Looks AWESOME! You guys had a productive day! :-)

    Thanks so much for all of your help and especially for our new friendship!


  2. Hey Guys!! It's looks kiss your mamma fantastic. :) Love it. the logo looks great and the galleris (from what I've seen) ROCK!