Monday, January 12, 2009

What a fun weekend...

Our trip to Asheville this weekend was great. We drove in on Friday to go to the civic center and set-up our booth. It's actually a pretty simple set-up, but it does take a little time. We ended up spending about two hours getting everything ready, but I'd guess that a third of that time was actually spent visiting with other vendors who were there setting up also.

After we finished our set-up, we decided to stay downtown and have dinner. We had made plans to meet with a bride later that evening, so we looked for a restaurant that seemed like it would be a nice place to meet in as well. We happened upon this great restaurant call Steak & Wine. We think it's named Steak & Wine because it's in the S & W building so we assume they wanted to use something with those initials. The S & W building is a very cool building probably circa 1930. Our favorite part was their staircase... it was marble and the edges of the steps are worn and rounded from years of traffic. We can only imagine the events that have happened in that building over the years. We love buildings like that! By the way, for any of you Asheville brides, the S & W building is available for receptions. It would make for great photos!

On Saturday, we had a great show. And now we're looking forward to to our last wedding festival of the year on the 31st of this month at the Carolina First Center. That one is typically the biggest of the year. If you haven't been to a show yet, be sure to not miss this one!!

Here's a shot of our booth from Asheville....

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  1. Beautiful set up! I love how cozy everything looks!