Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Special thoughts...

This morning I came into the office not feeling too well. I've had a pinched nerve in my neck, undoubtedly from putting to much stuff in my camera bag because that's the shoulder I carry it on. Not only that, but it's also just a rainy, blah day outside.

After not being here too long, an email popped into my inbox and I got that excited feeling I always get when we hear from new brides. This email was a little different than the norm, though. Typically the standard question is are you available for my date and what's your price. Don't get me wrong, both of those are very important questions and they were both in this email. The thing that made this one different from many others is the way they captured and stated the way I feel most every day. This wonderful bride started out the email by saying, "I love your work"... that is always nice to hear and we always appreciate the compliments. In fact, we really want you to fall in love with our work before you look at our pricing. That's honestly why we don't put it on our website. We know that if price is out there, that's usually the first tab people click. Even though a budget is important to stick to, choosing your photographer shouldn't be all about price. I'll blog more about my thoughts on that at a later time, though.

The email continued on by describing some details of her day and as stated before, inquiring about price and then she wrote the sentence that really hit home with me. She said, "Keep up the beautiful work, you are making so many people happy, and that must feel great!" WOW... she nailed it on the head!! I can't say enough about how amazing it is to be blessed to do what I do. We get to take part in one of the most emotional, joyous, and special times in a persons life. Not only do we get to be a part of it, we get to document it so that it will always be remembered. The moments that we capture will be looked at years from now by our couple's great great grandchildren and it will be those images that allow those children to get to know their great great grandparents. That is why when we shoot a wedding, we focus on the moments, the people, the laughter, and the tears. Those are the moments that define you.

This really hit home for me about 6 months after my own wedding. Lindsey and I shoot weddings practically every weekend and we always knew how special that day would be for us. And it was... she looked radiant the first time I saw her that day. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about saying my vows to her and announcing our love to our closest friends and family. That day, there was celebrating and laughter and I will forever cherish those moments thanks to our wedding photos. Then, 6 months after our wedding, those photos became even more precious. Lindsey's Dad, a man who I loved like my own father, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. This was a very tough time for Lindsey (the ultimate daddy's little girl!), her mom, brother, and all of the family and friends. Lindsey's dad was an absolutely amazing man. I honestly can't even find the words that he deserves when I try to describe him. I guess the best way that I can say it is by saying the same thing I told Lindsey's mom and dad on the day I asked their permission to marry their daughter. I said, that everything I love about Lindsey is because of them. Since the passing of her Dad, it's been tough at times to look back at photos of him. But make no mistake... I am SO thankful for having those photos. Dee Combs, I miss you daily, I love you more than I ever even got the chance to tell you, and I thank God for allowing me to be part of your family and to always have your beautiful and amazing daughter by my side.

Lindsey and her Dad right before she got ready to walk down the aisle...

The tears were definitely flowing by this point. Me included!!

The father-daughter dance. To this day, I think of Dee at this point of every wedding we shoot and Lindsey always cries (One day she's going to short circuit our cameras!)

The toast. He compared life to being on a train and went on to say that this day was like stopping at Grand Central Station.

Later in the night. I love how happy Lindsey looks.


  1. That was a very lovely and touching story....Enjoyed the pics too!!! The one of Lindsey and her dad looking at each other is priceless!!

  2. Beautiful story and pictures! Thank you for capturing moments like these for each of your clients and for continuting your beautiful work! Both of your hearts show through each piture you take!