Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stephanie and Scott

Yesterday afternoon we drove to Athens, GA to shoot Steph and Scott's engagement. We were worried that the weather wasn't going to cooperate with us, but it actually turned out perfect! Even though it rained all day at our house, it was sunny and beautiful in Athens. Originally, we had planned to do this shoot a couple of weeks ago, but we got rained out. This was going to be our last shot because Scott is heading back home to Canada so we wanted to make sure we got it done. Canada is quite a distance to travel just for an engagement session!!
Anyways, to tell you a bit about the beautiful couple... Steph and Scott met through Steph's sister, Megan. Megan and Scott were actually in school together in Australia. One day, Megan was on the phone with her big sister and just passed the phone off to Scott and said he had to talk to her. After a couple of other conversations they became friends on MySpace and shortly thereafter also became friends on Facebook. That was the point that Scott said it must have been serious!! :) Eventually they planned a trip to meet in Florida at Disney World and have been together ever since. Man, how dating has changed since I used to do it!! Computers have truly changed the world!
So, they've planned a wedding for this summer in Athens and then Steph will be moving to Canada to be with her hubby! Can you say brrrr, it's cold!?! They are absolutely perfect together, so I'm sure they'll keep each other warm on those cold Canadian nights!
Here's a few of our favorite shots...

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