Friday, August 28, 2009

High Hampton Inn Wedding - Cashiers NC

What can I say about this one. I LOOOOOOVE Amy and Andrew, and that is no exaggeration! First off, I've never seen anyone so photogenic and fabulous in front of the camera at all times...we didn't take a bad image of them all night! We spent all day Friday and all day Saturday at High Hampton Inn with their friends and family (all from out of town - Miami and NYC, most never having been to this part of the country). Amy, Andrew, and their families made us feel so welcome, just like one of the guests. We had a fabulous time...Amy's friends were wonderful and Andrews friends were hilarious, I didn't want the weekend to end. It was picture perfect and we were so lucky to be a part of it! I couldn't narrow down the images enough for a blog post, and the resort asked if we would provide them with a wedding album from the day, so below are just a few pages of the album we designed!

Amy and Andrew, happy one week anniversary! I know you are having the most amazing time on the African safari, enjoy week two...we are sooooo jealous!

P.S. Amy is an event planner in NYC, so you can bet the details were perfect...I'll do another post shortly with those!

Craig and I split up for the getting ready (which we do frequently)...I went with Amy and her bridesmaids to her mom's vacation home, and Craig went to High Hampton.

They first saw each other that day at an overlook in the neighborhood that Amy's mom has her vacation home in. It is always such a special moment when a couple chooses to see each other before the wedding. It gives them time to really enjoy each other, allows us time for amazing photos and makes the whole day go so much smoother.

Lindsey's view...

Craig's view

Left two Lindsey's view / Right Craig's view

Left two Craig's view / Right two Lindsey's view

Left three Lindsey's view / Right one Craig's view

Left - Lindsey's View / Right - Craig's View

Left two Lindsey's view / Right Craig's view...

Left Lindsey's view / Right Craig's view...

Lindsey's view...

Craig's view...

Left two Lindsey's view / Right Craig's view...

Each end Craig's view / middle image Lindsey's view...

I love the way Andrew pulled his arm back and mouthed "YESSSSS" while walking down the isle....too funny.

Far left and Far Right Craig's View / Middle images Lindsey's view

Ok, so these are perhaps my favorite images from the day. Amy spun into Andrew's arms, nearly missing his face with her can see Andrew pull away slightly, the reaction on his face, and then Amy dying of laughter! Too cute!

The toasts get me everytime! Left are Craig's view of Amy's Step-father toasting her mother (with tears in his eyes...and mine!), and I love the look on Amy's mother's face...complete joy! Right Lindsey's view...

Love this one of Craig's...

And the now famous Proud Mary (see video in previous post)...


  1. Very nice guys! Beautiful Images! Love all of the emotion!

  2. Gorgeous! Love the first getting-ready shot, them in the garden, and the fisheye at the reception.

    And you've already done an album design from a wedding just a week ago? Way to make the rest of us look bad. ;-)

  3. Wow!!! This are fantastic pictures. I love the look and the layout. What a beautiful wedding. I know the bride and groom are very happy with what you have done for them. I wish I had been their vidorgrapher; it would have been a blast.
    RC Patton -